Terms and Conditions

Newcastle Running Club is a voluntary organisation with no charges.

Members take part in club sessions entirely at their own risk. Newcastle Running Club shall not be liable for any accidents, injury, loss or damage sustained as a consequence of participation in any running or fitness session.

Newcastle Running Club accepts no responsibility for races or events that are organised by other organisations. Competitors should check all race details and courses with the organisers prior to participation.

Any member, who has any doubts or concerns about their fitness or ability to take part in any session or race, should consult their G.P. or a suitably qualified health professional before considering participation.

To the best of the knowledge of Newcastle Running Club, the information presented on our website is believed to be correct. The club does not accept responsibility for any actions taken on the basis of this information neither does it accept any liability for omissions or errors of fact contained herein.

Newcastle Running Club accepts no responsibility for content that may appear on third party websites that are linked from our website. Any inappropriate language, images or other content on these sites that causes offence is entirely beyond our control and links to these sites will be removed as soon as notification is received and processed.

If you agree to our Terms and Conditions please download and print the membership form and bring it along to your next session with your money.